Born in France, William Burkhardt is a professional nude and sport photographer. Also a globetrotter, he has lived 7 years in Belgium, 5 years in Brazil and he is now traveling year-round in Europe and America to pursue his passion.

What people say


Yeymar Hernandez

I think those are wonderful photos. Post-processing just gives a very appropriate special touch to these photos. Noise, lack of ultra sharp focus, extreme contrast, vignetting and split toning are extremely well executed and fit perfectly in this kind of photos.
But, aside of processing, these photos shows very well chosen, decisive, moments. They show very nice and interesting compositions.
For my taste, and for the taste of people with taste, all these photos just have soul.
Good work, congratulations William, whoever you are.


Natalia Fey

Model at Model Mayhem.

It was a pleasure working with William, looking forward to future shoots. You have awesome ideas that will definitely improve my portfolio.